Renewable Energy Industry

MGM Innova has deep experience in the renewable energy field. To date, MGM Innova has developed over 130 renewable projects, including; hydroelectric plants, wind farms, bagasse plants in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, China, India, Russia, Vietnam and USA.

Renewable Energy background

CO2 emissions are reduced by the introduction of renewable energy projects, in substitution of fossil fuel-based thermal plants. Renewable energy provides important benefits to the environment and human health.

Important renewable energy sources are:

  1. Biomass: Includes liquid biofuel (bioethanol, biodiesel etc.); which could be used as alternatives for petrol and diesel; solid biomass (wood and wood waste, energy crops, straw, agro-industrial wastes, urban wastes, etc.) and biogas (produced by organic wastes, manure, landfills, etc.) for generation of heat and/or power.
  2. Water: For power generation in hydropower stations and for electricity generation using energy from ocean tides or waves.
  3. Sun: For heat and power generation (e.g. by solar active collectors and or photovoltaic cells).
  4. Wind: For power generation by wind turbines.
  5. Geothermal: For thermal and power generation using heat from volcanoes, geysers and other conductors of Earth core.
Renewable Energy Benefits:

  • Reduces CO2 emissions.
  • Improves local and global environmental conditions.
  • Obtain additional income through the sale of emission reductions in the carbon market.
  • Contributes to sustainable development through technology transfer and job creation.
  • Helps reducing costs due to lower operational costs as compared to fossil fuel alternatives.

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