Power and Utilities

Power & Utilities (P&U) companies play a key role in the climate change mitigation challenge. This sector accounts for the highest energy-related CO2 emissions and if there is no such greenhouse gas (GHG) concern, emissions are expected to rise as demand for electricity increases and coal's share of the national generation mix will intensify.

A wide array of fuels and technologies with various emission levels are used in the electric power sector, providing some flexibility for altering emissions levels without turning to wholly unknown technologies or requiring end-use consumers to purchase any new equipment.

At MGM Innova, we encourage our P&U clients to pursue cost-effective energy efficiency technologies, to promote renewable energy power generation plants, and other low-carbon alternatives to conventional generation, taking into consideration the potential value of avoided CO2 emissions.

We provide consultancy on GHG mitigation protocols for both voluntary and mandatory, advising our P&U clients on emerging voluntary registry protocol requirements, current state, regional and federal legislative requirements pertaining to power / utility GHG emissions and current GHG emissions trading markets, carbon mitigation strategies and portfolio development.

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