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Executive Team

Marco Monroy
Marco G. Monroy
President & Chief Executive Officer
Marco Monroy is the founder, President and CEO of MGM Innova. Marco is a recognized industry pioneer. Under Mr. Monroy's leadership, MGM International to whom he still serves as a chairman of the board has become one of the leading carbon project development companies in the industry. Back in the early years of the carbon market, he pioneered concepts such as success fee based compensation, multidisciplinary teams of professionals to offer clients "one-stop-shop" solution, and innovative commercialization structures, including a diversified portfolio approach with significant benefits for both buyers and sellers. Mr. Monroy is an attorney licensed to practice law in Colombia and the State of New York. Prior to establishing MGM International he worked as an Advisor on climate change market mechanisms for the Japanese government and other private and public institutions. In 2002, the World Economic Forum named Mr. Monroy one of the 100 Global Leaders of Tomorrow (GLT).
   Alfredo Nicastro
Alfredo Nicastro
Senior VP Global Operations & Sales
Alfredo has close to 20 years of engineering and consulting business, serving clients in different industries including oil & gas, energy, power & utilities, waste management, petrochemicals, cement, manufacturing, and mining among several others at both private and public sectors. Alfredo joined MGM Innova after several years developing and managing projects in different arenas for MGM International, TurboGreen, and CH2M Hill. His professional expertise includes climate change, environmental services, waste management, renewable energy, wastewater infrastructure, and industrial facilities. Alfredo is a civil engineer from the Maua School of Engineering of Sao Paulo and has pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Michigan. Alfredo currently heads MGM Innova's Global Operations and Sales, for Voluntary and Regulated markets.
   Gautam Dutt
Gautam S. Dutt
VP of Science & Technology
Dr. Dutt serves as the principal scientist providing support to MGM Innova's technical team and clients. He has provided technical leadership for numerous CDM mitigation projects including landfills, alternative solid waste management practices, and coal mine methane (CMM), and conducted a number of feasibility studies on methane capture and use from animal manure. Dr. Dutt is responsible for analyzing emerging GHG mitigation technologies, and for the development of baseline and monitoring methodologies in new project areas. He has successfully presented several new methodologies for CO2 and other GHGs, including nitrous oxide (nitric acid manufacture) and perfluorocarbons (aluminum smelting). Prior to working at MGM Innova, Dutt founded an energy management company in New Jersey. His numerous academic and professional achievements include being named an expert on climate change at the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility, authoring and co-authoring a number of publications in Climate Change Mitigation, and coauthoring the IPCC Second Assessment Report, and IPCC Technical Paper 1: "Technologies, policies and measures for mitigating climate change." Mr.Gautam Dutt completed a 5-year engineering training program at Rolls Royce, holds a B. Sc. from the University of London and a Ph.D. from Princeton University, where he was a researcher in the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies.